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BeachHunter's Florida Gulf Beach Guide

BeachHunter's Florida Gulf Beaches Access Guide
By David McRee
Gulf Coast, FL .

All beaches are not created equal in Florida. The variety is amazing. That's why a good guidebook can help you decide which beach is right for you.

And you'll want to pick a guidebook written by someone who has actually been to all the beaches. That's why you should consider this beach access guide written by Florida native David McRee. He grew up right here on the Gulf coast and has actually been to every beach in this book multiple times. David has been writing about, photographing or making videos about Florida beaches since 1995. He drew all of the maps and took all of the photographs that appear in the book and on the cover.

And David's approach to travel writing is a no-holds-barred, "tell-all" style that reveals what the beaches are really like. You get the good and the bad, not just the sanitized tourism promotion fluff.

This is the second edition of BeachHunter's Florida Gulf Beaches Access Guide (the first edition sold out), and its chocked full of things you'll want to know about getting to the beach on Florida's Gulf coast. Here are just a few of the things covered in the book:

  • Where the pure white beaches are.
  • Dog-friendly beaches.
  • Beaches for surfing, snorkeling, shelling.
  • People-watching beaches.
  • Quiet, remote beaches,
  • Action-packed beaches.
  • Gay-friendly beaches.
  • Beach safety.
  • Florida weather and seasons.
  • Access information for the mobility challenged.
  • And lots more!

The book covers every beach accessible by car from Tarpon Springs to Marco Island. That's more than 120 beaches! It also covers a few that are accessible only by boat (and he tells you how to get there even if you don't have a boat).

BeachHunter's beach access guide has 21 very helpful maps to help you find the beaches and over 100 black and white photos taken by the author.

David swears that no matter how long you have lived in Florida, or how many times you've been to our beaches, you'll find something in this book that you didn't know or you will discover a place you've never been.

Click here to visit BeachHunter's website to find out more about the book or to purchase your very own copy!